The application for Columbia's ICC team is now available here.

Schedule & Deadlines:

  • Friday, 9/16 at 12:10pm in JG104: International Law Moot Courts Panel
  • Tuesday, 9/27 at 5:00pm: Written applications due

The ICC Moot Court competition consists of briefing and arguing a fictitious case before the International Criminal Court, the world’s permanent tribunal for prosecuting individuals accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and aggression. You can learn more about the competition at and This year’s competition problem will be released in late September. Our hypothetical problems over recent years have involved drone attacks, cyber attacks, secession, statehood and chemical warfare. If you are interested in competing we would be happy to provide the problems from previous years for you to look over.  

Teams consist of five members (three Speakers and two Researchers) and two coaches. The team produces three briefs representing the Prosecution, the Defense, and the Victims’ or Government’s Counsel. Three Speakers present oral arguments before a panel of judges. Teams receive scores based on a combination of their brief scores and scores from three rounds of oral argument. The top three teams from each country competing at the regional round advance to the final round in The Hague. Individual team members are eligible for awards based on their performance in the oral rounds. Awards are also given for the top three briefs in each category and the top three speakers from each round.  We regularly win multiple brief awards, including first-place brief every year of our participation, and last year we won several awards for speaking.

This is the fourth year that Columbia will field a team for the competition. Last year the team advanced to the semifinal round. In the semifinals, they narrowly missed qualification for the international round in The Hague. We are looking for team members who will help the team reach The Hague this year.

We are looking for three to four team members (with roles to be decided after the team is assembled). As a note, 1Ls who join the team will not be excused from the ordinary 1L spring moot court and will remain in their current Legal Practice Workshop course. However, this additional time commitment will be taken into account for 1Ls participating on the team and every effort will be made to accommodate the busy schedules of all team members.